Tax credits top-up

The Cost of Living support package has been designed to help over 8 million households in receipt of mean tested benefits. The details for Cost of Living Payments due in the 2023-24 tax year were

Tax credits renewal deadline reminder

The 31 July 2023 is the final day for families and individuals that receive tax credits to tell HMRC about any changes in their circumstances or income and to renew their tax credit application. As in

HMRC tax credits scam warning

Fraudsters often try to take advantage of the 31 July deadline for submitting tax credits renewal information.

The fraudulent emails, texts or calls claim to be from HMRC and often promise money

Reminder to look out for tax credit renewal packs

HMRC is currently sending the annual tax credit renewal packs to some 1.5 million tax credit claimants and is encouraging recipients to renew their tax credits claim online. HMRC started writing to