National Living Wage potential boost

The government looks likely to accept the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission with a boost to the National Living Wage rate.

In summary:

National Living Wage will rise to two-thirds of

Government to support action against late payers

Most smaller businesses will have spent time chasing customers for payment beyond their agreed payment terms.

These demands take entrepreneurs away from their core tasks of business building and

Do you need to register for Self-Assessment?

Taxpayers that need to complete a Self-Assessment return for the first time are required to notify HMRC. This is a final reminder that the latest date that HMRC should be notified, by new

Accommodation that qualifies as Holiday Lets

The furnished holiday lettings (FHL) rules allow holiday letting of properties that meet certain conditions to be treated as a trade for specific tax purposes.

In order to qualify as an FHL, the

VAT Capital Goods Scheme

The VAT Capital Goods Scheme (CGS) is a means of spreading the initial VAT recovery in respect of certain assets over either 5 or 10 years. The scheme seeks to agree a fair and reasonable attribution

Unclaimed Child Trust Fund Accounts

HMRC has published their latest statistics on Child Trust Funds (CTFs) that reveal that whilst around 500,000 accounts have now matured, there remains some 430,000 funds that have matured but remain

Community Investment Tax Relief scheme

The Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) scheme is designed to encourage investment in accredited Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs). The tax relief under the scheme is available to

Replacement of domestic items relief

The replacement of domestic items relief enables landlords to claim tax relief when they replace movable furniture, furnishings, household appliances and kitchenware in a rental property. The

Charity Trustees Quiz

The Charity Commission has launched the next phase of its trustee campaign which aims to increase charity trustees’ knowledge and drive a positive change in charities’ governance.

The campaign

Help for businesses launching new AI

Organisations across the country will be able to demonstrate that their new artificial intelligence and digital innovations meet regulatory requirements so they can quickly bring them to market.